Skenonto-Sebago Redux

Skenonto-Sebago Redux, Harriman State Park (4/14/2011)

Four months ago, Laura and I visited Lakes Skenonto and Sebago in a hike of my own design. During that hike our visit to Skenonto was limited to the views from its southern tip. Today, at the suggestion of my friend Andy, he and I decided to see more of Skenonto by hiking the Victory trail along its entire western bank, in addition to covering some other woods roads and unmaintained trails not previously traversed.

Like the last time, we parked on Route 106 at the Victory trail's northern trailhead. But this time we took that trail all the way to the northern tip of Lake Skenonto, then continued along its entire western bank with wonderful views the entire way. We then took the Triangle trail south to Sebago, continuing on Triangle (skirting its bank for just a bit), before continuing east along a woods road to the ADK Camp Nawakwa. Here we ate lunch in one of the most unique places ever during a hike -- we ate on the water, sitting on a bench on a floating dock, enjoying the amazing view of Sebago from water level. After lunch we headed west, over the hill and back to the Triangle, making a right onto that trail and taking that back to the northern half of Sebago, at which point we abanonded the Triangle and continued along the western bank on an unmaintained trail all the way to the picnic area near the beach (at the northern tip of the lake). A woods road, then an unmaintained trail (both heading NW) brought us back to the Victory trail which we took back to the car.

Unless there was a discrepency with my pedometer (which is usually quite accurate), the total distance hiked today was 7.2 miles (more than we expected), in about 4.5 hours.

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Canada geese near the trailhead

Tiny climb at the start

Wet from days of rain

American Redstart

Slight ascent on Victory

Loads of Mountain Laurel


Garter snake "smelling"

Pre-attack mode?

Swamp with Tom Jones Mountain in distance


First view of Skenonto

Gorgeous peninsula in lake

View looking south


Fire ring on isthmus tip

Victory trail parallels lake


The views are constant

Canadian geese fleeing



Near intersection with Triangle

Southern tip of Skenonto

Boulder hopping

View of Skenonto from southern tip

Skenononto from southern tip

Spring blooms

Three turtles sunbathing

Red-tailed hawk ...

... silently soaring

First view of Sebago

Woods road to camp

Camp building

View from near floating dock

View through gazebo

Heading to our lunch spot

What a view

Our lunch spot

Andy and Sebago

Not sure what this was!


Tricky water crossing

View south of Sebago

Unmaintained trail parallels the bank


View east

View north

Interested deer on hill slope

View south from picnic area

View to Sebago beach


View from near northern tip

Water runoff from culvert


Getting beach ready for the season


More spring blooms

An old payphone

Waterfall off woods road


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