SBR: Wings Section

Wings Section, South Branch Reservation (1/12/2014)

We were short on time this morning so we headed to a relatively small area that's been on my to-hike list for quite some time, the Wings section of South Branch Reservation in Readington Township. While it's a small piece of land, nearly the entire trail network has a view of the south branch of the Raritan River, quite nice in some spots.

Following this map we parked at the pull-off tucked in the SW corner of Deer Path Road and headed west to the river. At the river we headed north on the "yellow" (blazed orange) to its nothern tip at the Route 31 bridge before turning back and taking "yellow" (as per the map) until it met the Orange trail at a T-intersection. At this point we headed south, then east along the Raritan River until we could go no further because of a huge blow-down that blocked the path. No matter since, according to the map, we were actually within about a hundred feet of the actual end of the blazed path. At this point we turned back and headed all the way back to the car on Orange, stopping to pet a horse on the way. After a day that saw some torrential downpours the path was very muddy in spots. But because of this we were able to see fresher critter tracks all over.

Total distance hiked today was 3.2 miles in 2 hours.

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