South Point Mountain

South Point Mountain Reservation (9/6/2010)

We hiked Point Mountain starting from the northern end (Penwell Road) almost exactly four years ago. Today we did a lollipop hike beginning from the parking area on Mountain Top Road. Using this map, we took the White trail all the way north to the Ridge trail, making a left here. We climbed the ridge of Point Mountain, taking in the awesome views along the way. Our plan was to return via the Overlook trail but we overshot it and ended up going about a half mile down the steep decline of the Ridge trail before realizing our error. So we had to turn around and climb back up the very steep trail before arriving at the Overlook trail (which is right behind the best vista). We took this back to the White trail (the lollipop stick) and then back to the car. It's a spendid hike with open fields, dense forest, ruins, magnificent views and some narrow overgrown trails. And the weather was perfect, as it was all three days on this wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Total distance hiked today was 5.4 miles in approximately 3.5 hours.

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South section trail head

Parking for 4-5 cars

Southern end of White trail

Passes through an open field

John Deere parked off trail

Copse of trees and bird house


Grasshopper. There were hundreds!

The 2nd blaze ... 15 minutes from start


Narrow overgrown path

Dry streambed

[Photo by Laura]


Spur trail to ...

... YMCA camp

Ruins on White trail

Foundation remains

On the Ridge trail

A rocky climb

Partial views west

Open view from ridge


View from near lookout

NJ farm

Taking in the view

Sprawling farmland

On the ridge

Huge boulders

Our lunch spot

View from our lunch spot

Curious plaque near lookout

Laura at the main lookout

180 degree view

[Photo by Laura]

On the boulders

Scrambling back down

Distant hills

Descending the Ridge trail

Rocky descent

Steep in parts

Steps to help descent


Descending on Overlook trail

Slight climb

Boundary wall

A tangled forest

Heading back on White trail

Back to the field

[Photo by Laura]

Monarch butterfly

Black Swallowtail

Wildflowers in path

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