Stahahe High Peak

Stahahe High Peak & Island Pond, Harriman State Park (10/26/2008)

This is Hike 13 ("Island Pond Ranger Cabin") from the book Hiking the Road to Ruins with the addition of a one-mile out-and-back spur to Stahahe High Peak, which overlooks Lake Stahahe. A good part of this hike is on unmarked trails, albeit ones that are very easy to follow (there are small portions of the spur to Stahahe High Peak, however, that require a good woods sense). The highlight of the hike is the ruins of the ranger cabin at the southern tip of Island Pond, presumably "built for the park rangers to party and entertain". It was burnt down in 1963 by vandals. While the first half of the hike is on sparsely used trails, the second half is on very popular trails, where we saw dozens of hikers on this beautiful afternoon. Total distance covered was about 6.8 miles.

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At the trail head

Island Pond Road

Fall blueberry bushes

Beautiful Island Pond Road

Spur trail to Stahahe High Peak


Mountain Laurel on spur trail

Off comes a layer


First look-out from Stahahe spur

View west

View of Lake Stahahe


Second look-out from Stahahe High Peak

Lake Stahahe


Back on Island Pond Road

Tiny mushrooms

Pine needle art

Ranger cabin ruins


The fireplace

Island Pond from the cabin

Island Pond

[Photo by Laura]


Island Pond

The Little Mermaid?


Boston Mine

Boston Mine

View from the top

Dan on top [Photo by Laura]

Taking a break on Dunning Trail

Striking foliage

On Ramapo-Dunderberg trail

Our lunch spot


View west from R-D trail

[Photo by Laura]

Striking blueberry bushes on R-D trail


Blueberry bushes

Fellow hikers on overlook

On Nurian trail


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