SBR: Stanton Station Section

Stanton Station Section, South Branch Reservation (9/11/2016)

This is the first of two short hikes we did in Hunterdon County this morning. We had intended on hiking at least a 4-mile out-and-back, but it didn't work out that way.

Using this map, we parked in the lot on Stanton Station Road west of the bridge over the South Branch Raritan River and headed south along the bank of the beautiful river. After crossing the active railroad tracks we continued along the bank of the river until the trail veered south away from the river, eventually reaching two blow-downs beyond which was overgrown bramble which made it impossible to go any further. We planned on heading all the way south to River Road before returning, but had to turn around at the two blow downs. Wanting to hike a bit more, we took the western-heading spur through the powerline cut to Old Clinton Road, where these is another parking area (not on the map). There we chatted with a knowledgable Hunterdon County forest ranger who verified us that just about the only people who hike the trail along the river are fisherman and hunters, and that this is why it's so overgrown beyond that point. We then retraced that spur and returned back to the car.

Total distance for this hike was 2.4 miles in less than 90 minutes.

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