Lord Sterling Park

Lord Stirling Park (7/6/2013)
It's been nearly four years since we visited this relatively small park, and although we have been here twice in the past, an examination of the trail network revealed a series of trails in the southwestern and middle of the park which we had never had the pleasure of hiking in the past. So, given this, and the fact that it was in the 90s again today (and very humid), we decided to hike some of those trails in this flat but beautiful park.

Using this map, we first headed west covering most of the Blue trail all the way to the West Obseravtion tower, then hiked the loop on the Brown trail before continuing north on the western extent of Yellow. When we reached the Brown trail we took that west all the way to Woodpecker Swamp heading NE on Brown, then east, traversing part of Orange before rejoining brown, then Yellow to the East Observation Tower. We took Yellow back south, continuing on a trail south of Esox Pond which we took back to the parking lost. Our track can be found here

Total distance hiked today was just over 4.5 miles in just under 2.5 hours.

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Canada geese in the lot

Where's his "disabled" tag?

Keeping an eye on us

South of Branta Pond

Branta Pond ...

... from Special Use trail

Boat launch


Plant displays

Resting frog

Classroom area

A red fox can jump 6 feet

A Laura can probably jump further

Gorgeous greens


Alexander's Meadow

Ah! Shade!

He's mooning me!

Perimeter of Alexander's Meadow

West Observation Tower

View from tower

Lane north of meadow

Japanese beetles

Critter tracks

Almost dry stream


Trees on ...

... Brown loop


Deer exclosure

Cautious frog

Lenape Meadow

Bird house

Sandy damage

Tiny trail mushrooms

Graffiti tree


Woodpecker Swamp

View of the swamp


Clinging dragonfly

Field of wildflowers

Emergency call box

Boardwalk to East Observation Tower

Views of Passaic River ...

... from observation tower

Passaic River

Swamp near tower

Passaic River

Saplings on Yellow

Lily Pad Pond

View from ...

... East Observation Blind

Esox Pond

Branta Pond

View to Branta Pond

Canada geese in Branta Pond

Lane back to parking area

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