Stokes State Forest

Stokes State Forest (4/21/2007)

This is hike #44 ("Stokes Select") from the book 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: New York City (1st edition) done exactly in reverse.
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Blaze pollution!

On the Swenson trail

Pine needles along Swenson trail

Pine needle art

Result of heavy rains previous week

"Happy" trails!

Very rocky trail


Cabin on Swenson trail


Clear rain water


Climbing Sunrise Mountain on Cartwright trail

View NE from slope of Sunrise Mountain

High Point Monument in distance

The Appalacian trail

Our spectacular lunch spot

Photographing the view

View SE from Sunrise Mountain

View NE

Turkey vulture

Wolf spider


First view of Sunrise Mountain pavillion

Obelisk through pavillion

Obelisk looking SW

View east from Sunrise Mountain


High Point Monument

Swamp on AT

Female mallard

Close-up of another wolf spider

View west from AT

Signing AT registry

Normanook Lookout Tower

View West from base of tower

Steep descent on Tower trail

Macro photo from Laura

Lake Ashroe (?) from Tower trail

Incredibly rocky Tower trail

Black bear at 50 yards!

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