Stonebridge Trails

Stonebridge Trails (4/30/2016)

Continuing our exploration of the smaller preseves of Central New Jersey, today we headed south to visit two more. This is the first. This unusual area, I say "unusual" because the trails circle an adult living community named Stonebridge, contains beautiful contrasts, including a beautiful wooded area that skirts Beden Brook to the west, the Millstone River to the east, and a gorgeous open field of blooming goldenrod to the north! There's also a house from 1860 and a nature trail, though all of the interpretative signs seem to be missing the actual information.

Using this map, we parked in the lot south of Montgomery Road, took Orange to Blue, which we then took to the 1860 House, did the nature trail and then continued on Blue in a counter-clockwise direction until we returned back to our car by retracing the original Orange leg.

Total distance hiked was about 3.2 miles in about an hour and 40 minutes.

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