Great Swamp
This is hike #21 ("Great Swamp Wilderness Trail") from the book 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: New York City (1st edition). We did this hike back in 2005 in the middle of a hot summer, when insects of all colors and sizes ate us alive. This wasn't a problem today. The swamp was totally frozen, and it snowed during the entire hike, making the ice on the trail even more slippery by the time we finished. Both of us actually fell on our butts, within a couple of minutes of each other right near the end! We're both fine.

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Goofing at the trail head

Ice was all over

First canal crossing

Frozen leaves

Second canal crossing

Gumball from a sweetgum



LB was here

Laura's favorite tree ...

... shagbark hickory

Frozen swamp

Smiley blazes :) on Ivory trail

Gaggle of Canadian geese

Open marshland off Ivory trail

Canadian geese


Strudy bridge over creek

Chipping sparrow

Canadian goose on the blaze

Burnt trees of Blue trail


On the Red trail

Nose-like mushrooms

Anybody home?

Massive oak at end of Red trail

Giant blown-down beech

Philip & Mary, 1968

Beech blow-down

Posing like a big game hunter [photo by Laura]

Leafy icy Blue trail


Ice on creek bank

Fresh snow on ice

Back to the sturdy bridge

Lots of ice

Another huge blow-down

Frozen swamp

Tiny evergreen


Super-macro of tiny snowflake

Damned ice! (Laura is laughing; she was OK.)

Snowing more steadily

View down gas line cut

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