Tannersbrook Preserve
We actually intended on doing this stretch of the Patriot's Path on February 8th. We drove to Palmer Park, which is at the northern end of this stretch to find that the parking area of the park hadn't been plowed (perhaps for the entire winter). Unable to park there, we headed to the southern tip and parked at the little cabin on Tanners Brook Road. But after hiking for about 10 minutes in snow over our knees in some places, we decided to scrap it and headed home. We returned today, five weeks later, to give it another try. We had hardly any snow left on our lawn in Morris County so we thought it would be much better. Well, it was better, but not that much better! The snow was well over our ankles in places and today the problem was the snow melting deep down. Our boots were soaked within 45 minutes and instead of making it all the way north to Palmer Park (which was still unplowed) we had to turn back and head south just before reaching the northern edge of the green area on the map.

Total distance hiked today was about 1.9 miles in an hour and 45 minutes. As I type this it's the first day of spring. And it's snowing. We could get at least six more inches of snow. Summer? Summer? Forget spring. Summer, can you hear me?

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