Tanzania (February, 1997)

Our trip to the game parks of Tanzania in February of 1997 was one of the greatest adventures we've ever taken. So many stories, so many memories ... so many photos! It's been a near monumental task scanning them all in. And the quality isn't the best, since I was scanning faded photos instead of negatives.

There were so many photographs that even after paring it down to 200 of the most representative, there's still too many to load on one page. So I have broken it into three parts. To view the photos in each part, click on one of the thumbnails below. This will bring you to the collection. Then, clicking on any of the thumbnails in that collection will open a pop-up window for a larger view. Finally, clicking anywhere in the pop-up will close it.

I hope you enjoy these.

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Part 1
70 pics

Part 2
68 pics

Part 3
68 pics

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