Taughannock Falls State Park
This was the second of five hikes we did during a five day stay in Ithaca, New York, in the Finger Lakes district of New York state. The famous waterfall in this park is one of the most awesome waterfalls I have seen on a hike in the tri-state area. Most of the rim trail has a chain-link fence preventing high falls into the gorge. It's a good thing but it never allows you to feel truly in nature.

Following this map we parked in the northeast parking lot near the lake and walked back along the park road to the steps of the North Rim trail which we took south, past a visitor's center (with a spectacular view), to the South Rim trail which we took north all the way back. But before heading back to the car, we did the Gorge trail which goes as close to the Taughannock waterfall as is possible. It's a beautiful gorge and there were many people swimming in the water there today.

Total distance hiked was 5.5 miles in 3 hours.


















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