Terrace Pond

Terrace Pond (11/4/2006)

This is New Jersey Hike #14 ("Terrace Pond") from the book Take a Hike: New York City (1st edition).
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Leaves on the North Trail

Spotty fall foliage remains

Ascending the gas line cut

View west

Climbing Bearfort Mountain

Looking south


Houses northwest

View north

Laura's new hat


Long whale back

On a ridge fin

View southwest from fin

View west of valley

Rock lichen

Highlight of puddingstone

Clambering off the fin

Thin autumn ice

View of Terrace Pond from north end



View of entire pond from northern end

Wet crossing on floating logs

On the rugged Circular trail

View of pond from east bank


Scratch marks and glacial errata

Brown-egg-like mushrooms

Yellow Dot trail, or Sunnyside-up trail?

Leave-less trees on Yellow Dot

A snap through the blaze

Most leaves are off the trees


Swamp on South trail

Last of the fall foliage

More puddingstone

View south from puddingstone ridge

Bright red blueberry bushes


Laura playing the moss piano

Pond from west bank

Our lunch spot


Second pass by the fin

Return of the tree-hugger!


The gas line cut

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