Thompson Park

Thompson Park (12/13/2014)

Today we visited a Middlesex County park, surprised to find so many trails tucked into such a relatively small area. And we even found one that wasn't yet on the official map. Be careful in here. The Boy Scouts paint many different colored blazes on many different trees in some areas (presumably as part of an activity to identify trees), so it's easy to get confused about what trail you happen to be on at any given moment. Furthermore, at least one trail we hiked today has changed color. The Green trail segment between Red and Yellow on the map is now blazed Orange. You can still see the Green beneath the Orange in one of the photos I took. So the map is a bit out of date.

Using this map, and following a meandering path too circuitous to account here, we hiked just about every trail in the area north of Schoolhouse Lane, even finding a newly-blazed White trail (not on the map) which branched off in the NE direction on the northern-most leg of the northern-most Green trail segment. That trail took us all the way to a lake with a park and an American Indian Cultural Center.

Total distance hiked today was 5.5 miles in 3 hours. There's another trail south of Schoolhouse Lane which would add another couple of miles as an out-and-back.

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