Tillman Ravine & Buttermilk Falls

Tillman Ravine & Buttermilk Falls, Stokes State Forest (7/3/2008)

This lollipop hike through beautiful Tillman Ravine out to Walpack Cemetary and back was the perfect jaunt for a hot day. The temperature in the ravine must be at least ten degrees lower than the surrounding area. We parked at the eastern (upper) parking area on Brink Road, and hiked the Perimeter trail (blazed by white vertical rectangles) west. At its end, we continued west on an unblazed path keeping the stream on our left (called the Cemetery trail on the trail map) until we came to Mountain Road. We made a right here, walked a hundreds yards or so to the Walpack Cemetery before returning on the northern part of the Perimeter trail to the car. The trail map for Tillman Ravine is posted at the two parking areas. The orientation is not noted on the map, but north points downward.

No visit to this area is complete without a drive (down Mountain Road) to Buttermilk Falls. Sturdy staircases allowed us an easy climb to the top.

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One of several bridges over the stream

[Photo by Laura]


Beautiful ferns



The teacup


Beautiful rockface

Ruins on Cemetery trail

Very old growth

Boundary walls

Wildflower on Mountain Road

Walpack Cemetery



A Tillman!

Moth and bug at work

Back to the ravine


Buttermilk Falls ...

... was a trickle

Still impressive

Sturdy stairways ...

... lead to the top

The top of the falls


Blooming mountain laurel at falls

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