Torne Mountain & Osio Rock

Torne Mountain & Osio Rock, Norvin Green State Forest (7/15/2006)

This is hike #10 from the book Circuit Hikes in Northern New Jersey (5th edition); it is also the Hike of the Week for 11/7/2002 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.
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Picture 1
This wasn't here last time!

A rocky Hewitt-Butler trail

Carpet of pine needles



Torne Trail

We saw a bear here last year

On way to Osio Rock

View of Torne Mountain

Wanaque Reservoir

Route 287

Blueberries in bloom

Wanaque Reservoir


Snacking on blueberries

Climbing to Osio Rock

Rising steam on Wanaque Reservoir (hot day!)


Vulture atop Osio Rock

Two vultures atop Osio Rock!


Looking towards High Mountain

Magnificent glacial errata

From another angle

Climbing Torne Mountain

View of Osio Rock


Wild turkey on Torne

Wild turkeys

Stone Living Room reassembled

Compare to Christmas 2004

Do you have an hour?

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