Townsend Viewpoints

Townsend Viewpoints, Sterling Forest (5/30/2009)

This is the Hike of the Week for 1/1/2009 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website. We hiked the Townsend trail with the Long Meadow Extension trail back on 2/16/2008. At that time the 2008 edition of the Sterling Forest map wasn't yet available, nor was this published hike, so we weren't aware of the two scenic viewpoints on the southern tip of the Townsend trail. On that day we took the orange triangle shortcut connector trail (which, for some reason, still isn't on the map) to the service road leading to the radio antenna on the hill (we also visited that hill). With the publication of this Chazin hike, and the new NYNJTC Sterling Forest map, we saw a reason to re-do this hike, and to visit those two viewpoints.

Comparing the two photo sets you can see how different the forest looks when bathed in fresh snow and when it's blooming with the green of spring. And when you re-hike it in the summer you realize one of the many the benefits of winter hiking ... there are no bugs! This was the first hike where the bug spray came out. And I was still eaten!

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Trail head on Hall Drive

Brook crossing

Foundations of Iron Master's house (of Southfields Furnace)

TV and other refuse

Remains of a bed

Bed detail


Tiny red eft

Wildflowers on the trail

Small reservoir


Lily pads

Laura on the dam




Colorful caterpillar


Curious millipede

Bark on trail


Slight view through trees

To the first viewpoint

First lookout ...

... with views of Sterling Forest ...

[photo by Laura]

... and mountains of Harriman

Cairn at second viewpoint

Indian Kill Reservoir

Route 17A

[photo by Laura]

Indian Kill Reservoir

Laura at second viewpoint

Cairn at second viewpoint

View west


Townsend is now a service road

Butterfly on trail

Ferns on Long Meadow Extension

Rocks off the extension


Turkey hunters!


Green dragonfly

Look at those eyes!

Another view

Lady bug

Flowers on Hall Drive

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