Tripod Rock

Tripod Rock, Pyramid Mountain (1/18/2010)

This is Hike #6 ("Tripod Rock") in the book Best Easy Day Hike: Northeast New Jersey. This hiking area is one of the closest to where we live, and though we've been here several times in the past, the last time was over three years ago. So on this beautiful sunny MLK Jr.'s Birthday, we headed over to see Tripod Rock once again. The new trail map, available at a kiosk in the parking lot, shows a few new trails as well as trail re-routings since our last visit. So we'll probably have to hit this area up again soon.

One of the highlights today was stumbling upon a vulture feasting on the carcass of a raccoon, right on the trail, as a red-tail hawk soared overhead and then took to a tree branch to watch us. Total distance today was about 4.8 miles in over 2.5 hours.

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On the Mennen trail

Stony Brook

Bridge over Stony Brook

Some trees grow anywhere!

Powerline cut

[Photo by Laura]

Cut looking south


Houses off the red trail

Crossing Bearhouse Brook

Dwarfed by Bear Rock

Bear Rock

Trying to move it [photo by Laura]

White trail along a swamp

Pileated woodpecker at work


Turkey vulture

Red-tailed hawk

Raccoon remains

The birds were feasting here

Starting the climb

On the Red/White trail

Some steep parts

Parial view west

Houses on the ridge

Very interesting rock

Frozen swamp


At Tripod Rock

More glacial errata nearby

[Photo by Laura]

Close inspection


View from Lucy's Overlook

View west of powerline

Farm off in the distance

On Lucy's overlook

Icy trail

View east

Frozen private lake

Manhattan skyline

[Photo by Laura]

Beautiful view east

Small makeshift lean-to

Large cairn

Powerline cut

Bridge over Stony Brook

Cleaning our hiking shoes

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