South Turkey Brook Park

Turkey Brook Park, North (5/28/2017)

Last week we hiked about five miles in this park sound of Flanders Road. Today we returned to hike the trails north of that road.

Using this map, we once again parked at the southern end of the loop road (which goes one way in the counter clockwise direction) and headed east along a gravel road, passing the trail head for the White trail and continuing north, through the woods eventually reaching Flanders Road. Crossing the road we continued north on White, then east on Red, then back to White heading north. Crossing Gold Mind Road (where there is parking for at least a half dozen cars), we continued north on White, skirting one of the most beautiful swamps I have seen in New Jersey. We could see one or two Great blue herons roosting in nests high above the water. We continued north on White until we reached Old Budd Lake Road. At this point we turned around and retraced our steps back to Red, bypassing it this time, continuing west along White and then did Yellow south to Green. We took Green south, back to Yellow which we took north back to White. At this point we walked back to the park and walked along the edge of the baseball fields back to the car.

Total distance walked was 6.5 miles in about 3.5 hours.

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