Turkey Swamp Park

Turkey Swamp Park (1/18/2013)

Today, President's Day, Laura had the day off so I decided to take a vacation day and join her for a hike. How could you not with temperatures in the teens and with wind chills making it feel as if it were in single digits? After seeing that Shawnee and Daniela hiked this park just a few days ago, and that they saw a flock of turkeys (no surprise), I decided it was worth a visit. Alas, while we didn't see a single turkey in Turkey Swamp Park, it was pretty enough to make us forget our misfortune. And while it was pretty darned cold, as a result the trails were rock solid and not the muddy messes we encountered just two days ago.

We followed the Hike of the Week for 6/21/2012 which describes a loop which uses the entire Manasquan Trail, and parts of the Old Lenape Trail, Link Trail, Fitness Trail and Alder Trail. While the description indicates a total length of 4.5 miles, my GPS measured it as 5.6, though we did backtrack in a couple of places because in at least half the park there are no tree blazes, just posts at intersections. And when there are blazes, they are very inconsistent, having multiple colors and shapes along a single stretch. Still, it's quite easy to find your way around without getting too lost.

Total distance hiked today was 5.6 miles in exactly 3 hours.

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Large parking lot

Loads of rules

Behind Shelter Building

Especially when the ice is water

Canada Geese, as always

Beautiful beach

On Manasquan trail


Sandy park road

Pine barrens sand

Pine barrens pines


Jersey Devil [photo by Laura]

[photo by Laura]

Sweet Gum ball

It's really cold now

One of several boardwalks

Still on Manasquan trail


Horse prints

Pine cones on trail

Manasquan River

Manasquan River


Lovely color in river


Things that kill trees

Things that kill trees, Part II

Beech color

Typical pine barrens trail

Late winter ...

... foliage!

No explanation as to why

Slate-colored Junco

Open field

Fitness trail station

L position [photo by Laura]

Southern end ...

... of lake

Twisty ...

... boardwalk [photo by Laura]

Picnic area on Alder trail

View from inside

Lake from Alder trail

Ring-necked duck and Canada Geese

4 Ring-necked ducks & 3 Hooded Mergansers

Streak of color

Lake from eastern bank

Icy here

Wild grass on bank

Canada Geese ...

... on sandy shore

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