Tuxedo Views

Tuxedo Views, Harriman State Park (11/20/2010)

This is the Hike of the Week for 12/4/2008 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference site. We hiked most of this area (some of the stretches as many as three times) on past hikes but never starting from the Tuxedo train station and never in a counter-clockwise direction. This hike has everything: mountain climbs, tight squeezes, swamps, cascades, and lots of amazing views. It visits four denoted vistas on the NY-NJ Trail Conference map for Southern Harriman, and although I named this photo set "Tuxedo Views" there are plenty of views other than of Tuxedo, mostly of the surrounding mountains in Harriman.

Total distance hiked today was 6.4 miles in about 4.5 hours, with lots of climbing!

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In Tuxedo with Dater Mt. in rear

The Ramapo River

Under the NY Thruway

Trailhead on Grove Drive

Abandoned car on Kakiat

Lots of climbing on Kakiat

View to Tuxedo


Creek crossing

Phragmites on Kakiat

Talus slope


Red-tailed hawk

He was curious


Climbing Dater Mt on Blue Disc

Climbing Dater Mt

View down

[Photo by Laura]

Views begin ...

... from ...

... Almost Perpendicular

On Almost Perdendicular

Reeves Visitor Center in distance

[Photo by Laura]

Loads of cars (as always) at Reeves

View south from Dater

Going still higher

View east

Heading north on Blue Disc

Starting climb ...

... of Pound Mt


View from Pount Mt

At Elbow Brush

Checking the rock crevice

Exploring in Elbow Brush

On top of it

Climbing again

No, that's not the Too Much Information trail

Claudius Smith Rock

Above Smith's den

Claudius Smith Rock

View south

Continuing north

Birch saplings

Climbing again on Blue Disc

View south from ...

... Big Pine Hill

Gorp break

View east

Descending on Blue Disc

Heading north

Rocky descent

Black Ash Swamp

Along Black Ash Swamp

Brook crossing

Tiny brook cascade

Natural rock dam

On Ramapo-Dunderberg trail

View downstream

Lovely sluice

[Photo by Laura]

Views west to Tuxedo

Opening of Black Ash Mine

Gas pipeline looking west

Our last viewpoint

NY Thruway & Tuxedo

NY Thruway

Time to eat!

Buildings of Tuxedo

Our lunch spot

Tuxedo train station, etc.

Sterling Forest mountains

Brick houses on Grove Drive

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