Upper Ridge Trail

Upper Ridge Trail (5/10/2014)

This week we once again followed in the footprints and pawprints of our friends Daniela and Shawnee who hiked this trail earlier this week. The weather forecast called for a good chance of showers all day, with intermittent thunderstorms, but the sun began shining 10 minutes before we arrived and it didn't begin raining until we were back in the car driving home. Perfect timing!

We parked in the grass circle at the trailhead on Jager Road and headed SW along Upper Ridge Road (URR), taking various spurs along the way, until we reached the remains of the Kittatinny camp at Kittatinny Camp Lake. The trail actually continues east into the woods (off the woods road) after the lake spur (there's a wand with a yellow arrow guiding equestrians to the left when heading south), but the path immediately vanished. So we returned to the road and continued a bit further south visiting the abandoned baseball fields and basketball courts before turning back. You can see our track here. Yes, I did forget to start the track until we were at least 0.1 along.

Total distance hiked today was 5.8 miles in just over 3 hours.

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Jager Road trailhead

Gate at trailhead

[Photo by Laura]

URR is a beautiful woods road

Willows and phragmites east

Old post

Old rusted something or other


Spring is here!


Long straightaway

Trail dandelions

First eastern spur

Heading east

Gorgeous saplings

Mountains NE

Partial view east

Boundary wall

Park property line

Woods road east of lake

View of lake

Stone-lined woods road

Private property

Grassy area at end

View of lake from eastern tip

Private property east of lake

View east

Wet in spots

[Photo by Laura]

Interesting rock in lake

Canada Goose

Retracing on woods road

Trail wildflowers

Back on URR

Guard rail over stream

Very old growth

Continuing SW

Spring is bursting out

View NE

Plants along trail

An eft!

Happy hiker!

Natural tangle

Shy Common Yellowthroat Warbler

A rare blaze

Steep asphalt descent

Male Scarlet Tanager

[Photo by Laura]

Swamp near Kittatinny Camp Lake

Bridge over stream

Partial view behind dam

Dan behind dam [photo by Laura]

Gate along URR

Camp Kittatinny Lake


Remains of old pier?

Lady and the lake

Fresh bear print!

Trail continues east but vanishes

Rump of deer?

Abanonded camp courts

Camp baseball field

Old stonework along road

Wand pointing to vanishing trail

Saw the bear print here

Magnolia bloom

Swamp near lake


Wildflowers in path

Old cinder block

Beautiful green!

Heading east on spur to first lake

Post in middle of nowhere

Lake view south

Turtles are out in force

View north

Hiking along bank

That interesting rock from earlier!

Gray Catbird

Blooming saplings

The only blow-down

Back at the trailhead

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