Van Campens Glen

Vancampens Glen, Delaware Water Gap (3/27/2010)
This is the hike of the week for 8/27/2009 as described on the NYNJTC site. It also happens to be hike #8 ("Millbrook Village and Van Campens Glen") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition). We hiked every foot covered in this hike at least once before, except for a stretch in Van Campens Glen. The last time we tried to hike that glen was over two years ago, when ice prevented us from getting very far. But today, all the snow from our severe winter was gone, and the area was gorgeous, one of the most beautiful stretches in all of New Jersey with numerous cascades and waterfalls in a narrow corridor with patches of rhodendrum on both sides.

During this hike we also passed several abandoned houses, which all belonged to folks who were forced out by the government during the 1970s fiasco regarding the damming of the Delaware river at Tocks Island. To read a fascinating account of the aborted dam project, check out this 11-part series that appeared in The Pocono Record in 2001.

Total distance covered today was 6 miles in about 4 hours.

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Orchard trail head

View of Kittatinnies SW

Hamilton Ridge was a residential road

The area is being reclaimed by trees

Close-up of sphagnum moss on road

View east

View west


Thicket on Pioneer trail

Heading north

Limekiln off trail

View north of Kittatinnies

Storm damage

Berries blooming

Green sprouts abound

First site of the Delaware River

Beautiful old growth

Green blooms

Trail is turning green

View west

View east

Abandoned homes on Pioneer trail

Abandoned car under collapsed car port

Inside the car

Taking previous pic [Photo by Laura]

Abanonded house

Refrigerator and junk in back

Inside abandoned ambulance

"Emergency" on back of ambulance

Front view

House foundation

Chicken shed

View of house from shed

Inside chicken shed

Roosting compartments

Laura at entrance

View east down trail

Huge abanded house nearby

Telephone cable hangs low

Abandoned motorcycle

Lunch at Van Campens Glen

View from the yellow trail

Heading north


Steps help the climb

Beautiful falls

[Photo by Laura]

View south from falls

Endless cascades


Bumpy bridge over Vancampens brook

Laura on the bridge

Another gorgeous falls


[Photo by Laura]

Climbing to top of falls

Cairn in brook

Icicles across

Narrow grotto

View north

View south


[Photo by Laura]

Remains of Vancampens mill

Young sprouts

Powerline cut

Canadian goose at Watergate

Watergate Picnic area

Grave-marker for dog of previous owner

Cone over pond

One of several ponds at Watergate

Green stream

Bird house

Look at that tree!

Houses at Millbrook Village


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