Voorhees State Park

Voorhees State Park (2/18/2012)

Today we headed southwest to Voorhees State Park, a park we've never visited in the past because, frankly, we could never find a map posted online. The state has a decent map for the park, but you can only get it by physically showing up at the office. It's perplexing that electronic copies aren't yet posted online. Oh well. Thanks to Daniela Wagstaff and her NYNJTC hike for 2/16/2012, we finally got a chance to see what was available here and it looked inviting enough to head out there today and to do the hike exactly as described. Daniela also posted a larger version of the map here on Google documents.

It's a very varied hike with meandering forest paths, at least two very nice climbs, a numbered tree trail where the numbers go from 1 to at least 24 though I could find no pamphlets with the tree identifications, a couple of stone seats, limited seasonal views and one open view to the Round Valley Reservoir, and (perhaps most fun of all) an observatory, albeit a closed one (at least today). There's also a short Solar System trail where interpretive signs give the history of each planet. Imagine reading about Jupiter when facing a shagbark hickory!

Total distance hiked today was 3.9 miles, in about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

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Ours was the only car!

Bridge just off park road

The numbers begin

Highlands trail

Lots of ...

... boundary walls

Fireplace ruins?


Trail crosses creek many times

[Photo by Laura]


Creek crisscrosses ...

... repeatedly ...

... with the trail

Manhole cover!

A perfect circle

That'll bloom soon

Winter ...

... colors

Laura dwarfed by ...

... tall thin growth

Houses north of trail


Power line cut

View north in cut

Highlands trail blaze

Pylon from below

Pine forest

Needle path

Corn cob

Sturdy bridge

[Photo by Laura]

No Trespassing sign pollution!

Climbing on Vista

Steep climb on switchbacks

Limited ...

... seasonal views ...

... to Spruce Run Reservoir


Taking a break on ...

... stone chairs! [Photo by Laura]

Poison ivy

Road walk to ...

... Robinson ...

... Observatory

Constellations on side

Mini observatory in back

Signs on Solar System trail

Looking back to observatory


Round Valley Reservoir

[Photo by Laura]

View from "Scenic View"


Back in cut

On Hill Acres trail

Lovely viny path

Voorhees, the Man

Shagbark Hickory

A bit of ice

Storm damage

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