Iron Mine, Allamuchy

Iron Mine Loop, Allamuchy Mountain State Park (9/15/2013)

This week we returned to the very same parking lot as last week to hike more trails in Allamuchy that we had never hiked before. And WOW was this a varied hike! It didn't have the spectacular view of last week but plenty other things to recommend it. Using this JORBA map we did a circuit that is a bit too complex to describe here, so I've highlighted our track here. We hiked it in the counter-clockwise direction.

Total distance hiked today was just over 6 miles in 3.5 hours with even more climbing than last week.

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Creek near White trail head

A lone biker on the rail trail

Heading east on Byram trail

Gate at Jefferson Lake Road

View of Jefferson Lake ...

... through backyards

Walking on Jefferson Lake Road S

Mist on lake


Views of ...

... Jefferson Lake ...

... from eastern bank

Jefferson Lake Road

Views of ...

... Jefferson Lake ...

... from road

Camp entrance

Readying our poles

Stream under Bike Path

Sturdy bridge

[Photo by Laura]

"Bike Path" is more like ...

... a typical hiking trail

It even has warning signs!

Winding through the woods

Broken boundary walls ...

... on the Highlands Trail

Distinctive HT blaze

Sandy damage

Beautiful bark

Local ridge



Lots of damage in parts



On woods road parallel to rail trail

Beautiful spot ...

... within earshot of rail trail


Stream at Iron Mine trail

RR overpass

Beaver work

Iron Mine trail

Grate over deep mine

Old mine equipment


View from another mine

This mine was ...

... half way up mountain ...

... on Iron Mine trail

Some steep climbing follows

And more climbing

Early fall foliage?

Drill marks in rock

Joining rail trail

Stream and pool off RR bed

Gorgeous reflections

View south on the RR bed

Exploratory pit on unblazed path

Unblazed path west of RR bed

RR culvert

Various views of ...

... Lake Jefferson

Late summer turtles

A beaver lodge at the bank

View east across lake

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