Lake Lookout & Laurel Pond

Lake Lookout & Laurel Pond, Wawayanda State Park (8/23/2008)

This is the Hike of the Week for 8/8/2002 as described on the NYNJTC website. The highlight of this hike is the Cedar Swamp trail, one of the most spectacular trails in New Jersey -- not for its views (there are none), but for its 800 foot boardwalk through the Cedar Swamp and for the seemingly endless rhododendrons one encounters along its entire length. At times, one has to hike hunched over for hundreds of feet to get through them; in some areas they form long tunnels where only tiny streaks of sunshine are allowed in. If you want to hone your ability to identify rhododendrons, hiking this trail is all you'll ever need. I never saw so many in one place.

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On the Cherry Ridge Trail


Huge mushroom off Cherry Ridge

Past the first gate

Swamp south of Cherry Ridge trail

Swamp from overlook

Obedient Laura

Beaver lodge in swamp


Looks like a lake ...

... but it's a swamp

Bridge over stream

So green!

Brownish eft

Red eft

Lake Lookout from northern tip


Hungry bumble bee

Ferns on Lookout trail

Tiny frog

On Laurel Pond trail

Laurel Pond

Signs of fishing

Laurel Pond looking north

Laura at Laurel

Poor abused tree!

Bumble bees

Bikes are bottom of pecking order

Wawayanda Furnace

Dan being Dan [photo by Laura]

Stream across from furnace


Boardwalk on Double Pond trail

Swamp on Double Pond trail

Boardwalk over swamp

Self-portrait [photo by Laura]

Lily pad [photo by Laura]

The boardwalk ...

... extends ...

... about 800 feet

Rhododendron abounds

Dan in thicket [photo by Laura]

Abandoned car


Taking previous pic [photo by Laura]

Fantastic rhododendrons

Tunnel of rhododendrons

Rhododendron roof

Last of the swamp

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