Wawayanda Lake Loop

Wawayanda Lake Loop, Wawayanda State Park (1/15/2011)

This is the Hike of the Week for 6/4/2009 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference site. Two weeks ago we did a loop on the eastern side of Wawayanda Lake. At that time we contemplated looping the entire lake but there was a fair amount of snow on the ground and the going was slow. Today we returned to reassess, beginning at the Pump House trail. While the going was a bit slow on that trail (which is almost the entire first half of the hike), we managed to finish that part within about 90 minutes. So, having made it to the point of no return, we decided to continue, and ended up looping the entire lake in the snow.

The last leg of the described hike is on the Wingdam trail. Having done that entire trail two weeks ago we decided to continue on the Laurel Pond trail until we got back to the lake. Ironically, by doing so, while we looped the entire lake we didn't really see it except at the beginning and end. It was frozen solid, speckled with a smattering of ice fisherman. The temperature when we started the hike was 14 F but increased to a sweltering 29 F during the 3.5 hours it took to do the 6.7 miles.

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Ice fishermen on frozen lake

Beach parking lot

Beach house

Pump House trail head

Dead field mouse

Lots of hiker prints on the trail


Snow was about 4-5" deep

Bridge under the snow

Snowy swamp


Red-tailed hawk in swamp

A bit of winter color

Wawayanda Lake through trees

Glacial erratic

Curled up rhododendron

A snowy Pump House trail

Rhododendron thicket

Dense vegetation

End of Pump House

Snowy parking area

Very snowy Cherry Ridge road

Continuing on Cherry Ridge

Very ice in patches

Beautiful greens

Trail stretching

Heading NE on Cherry Ridge

Gate near Laurel Pond trail

North on Laurel Pond

Tamped down snow on Laurel Pond trail

View north

Partial views east

Rhododendron bud

Taking previous photo [photo by Laura]

Graffiti tree

What the ?


Stream from Laurel Pond

Bridge over stream

View to Laurel Pond

Climbing near Wawayanda Furnace

Wawayanda Furnace


Ice drill

Lady of the lake

Frozen Wawayanda Lake

Boy Scout tents in parking lot

View south of lake

Boy scout meeting of some sort

Tracks on snowy lake

Skirting edge of the lake


Ice fishermen

Picnic benches at beach

No picnics today


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