West Mountain

West Mountain, Harriman State Park (11/7/2009)

This is the hike of the week for 7/30/2009 as described on the NYNJTC site.

The first hike we ever did in the wonderful Harriman State Park was back in July of 2005, and it was partly along the ridge of West Mountain. Today we returned to West Mountain, from a different trail head and (for a good part) on different trails. This is easily one of the single best hikes in Harriman for sweeping views. I didn't know where to point my camera there were so many awesome views, in nearly all directions, though never at the same time. The fall foliage is still hanging on in some sections, but most of the leaves are off the trees. It's been windy and rainy lately and the leaves just couldn't hang on much longer.

Total distance hiked today was exactly 5 miles in approximately 3.5 hours -- there was quite a bit of climbing!

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Anthony Wayne parking area

On the Fawn Trail

Climbing to the ridge

Perkins Memorial tower on Bear Mountain

On West Mountain ridge [photo by Laura]

Perkins tower ...

... on Bear Mountain

View west


Anthony Wayne parking area

More climbing

View west from ridge

Low-flying turkey vulture

And more climbing

Bear Mountain

View west

View east of the Hudson

Laura and the Hudson

View north

View west

Hikers meeting in the lot


View west

Steep descent

Little lemon squeezer

View to Bear Mountain

Palisades Interstate Parkway



Climbing again

View west

The Hudson

View of Iona Island

Bear Mountain

Young stumps

Anthony Wayne parking lot

Golden rod


View south

Fall colors

Dan taking photos [photo by Laura]

Glacial errata

[photo by Laura]

Vulture soaring

Fall foliage

Dan & the Hudson [photo by Laura]

Top of Bear Mountain Bridge


Hiking along the ridge

View south

AT trail sign

View west

Fall colors


Suffern-Bear Mountain trail

A very rocky descent


[photo by Laura]

Gorgeous colors on ridge

The Hudson from Cat's Elbow

Group of vultures

The Hudson ...

... from Cat's Elbow

Look at that color!

On Cat's Elbow

View south


View east

View west


Beechy Bottom Road

A leafy path

Foliage on Beechy Bottom Road

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