Women's Federation Monument

Women's Federation Monument, Palisades Interstate Park (2/6/2011)
Almost a year ago we did a spectacular snowy hike in the Fort Lee area of the Palisades. Today we returned to the Alpine area to do a hike south of the State Line Lookout. This is the majority of the Hike of the Week from 12/30/2010 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.

After weeks of snow storms, one after another (with sprinklings of ice storms in between) we had no idea what to expect. We discovered that although the entire park was deep in snow (for obvious reasons), most of the trails that make up the hike were at least partially tamped down. But they were also topped by a sparkling layer of ice. The layer was strong enough to hold our weight in some places, but in other places we simply broke right through it into at least a foot of snow in some spots. Because of the ice, this hike would have been very difficult without our Kahtoola Microspikes. Even so, there were still two main legs of the described hike that were simply impassable in their current state. Not a single human or animal had been on those paths since a couple of feet of snow had fallen. Those two legs were the unmarked trail south of the access road, after the "Do Not Enter" sign, and the second unmarked trail north of Ruckman point.

So we made due by following better traveled paths. However, we did take the 0.2-mile spur just north of Ruckman Point, even though it hadn't been traveled in the last few weeks. And while it was tiring, trudging in foot deep snow, the views of the Tappan Zee bridge were spectacular.

Total distance hiked today was 4.4 miles in approximately 2.5 hours.

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Warning signs at parking area

Sparkling ice

State Line Cafe

At the trailhead

Heading south on "A"

Heading south on "B"

Sweet gum ball on icy trail



Ice fragments from trees

Trails gets close to the PIP

Crossing the access road

Turning back from unmaintained trail

Heading east on "B"

Warning sign on LP at access road

First view of Hudson from LP

View south

Ships in the Hudson

De-layering time


Slippery steps on LP

Descending carefully [photo by Laura]

Bridge on LP

View east

Dock posts far below

Tanker in Hudson

Palisades cliffs

Women's Federation Monument

Too icy to climb

View from foot of monument

View north

View south [photo by Laura]

WF monument

Informative sign

Undisturbed ice at Ruckman Point

Huge ice floes in Hudson

View south from Ruckman

Protective fence at Ruckman Point

View north from Ruckman

View of shore path

Snowy cliffs

Ship in the Hudson

At Ruckman Point

No one had been here for weeks

Huge crevice

View east from unblazed lookout

Tappan Zee Bridge in distance

Lookout on unblazed narrow cliff


Kahtoolahs rule

Deep snow and ice


WF monument near center

Turkey vulture

Frozen snow shoe prints

WF monument

Back to the footbridge

Laura climbing steps

LP blaze over Hudson

Stair climbing


Near the top

Lunch at State Line Cafe

Lots of books in cafe

The raging fireplace inside

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