Winding Waters Trail

Winding Waters Trail, Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge (8/20/2016)

This is the first of two hikes we did today in this lovely area on the border of New Jersey and New York.

Seven years ago, almost to the day, we headed to this area for the first time to hike the trail called the Dagmar-Dale Nature Trail on overview map just west of the Refuge Headquarters on CR 565. At that time we were following a hike description in a book which didn't specify that there were other trails in the area, and seven years ago parks were just beginning to exploit the possibilities of the internet so I wasn't aware of any other trails (aside from the one on the map in the book). But now there are many more trails in the area, thanks to the fact that my friends Daniela and Shawnee visited two weeks ago. So off we headed to do more!

For this hike we parked in the lot on the north side of Oil City Road and did the Winding Waters lollipop in a clockwise direction. The views of Pochuk Mountain and the Wallkill River from the meadows is beautiful. A more-detailed map of the trail can be found here.

Total distance for this hike was just under 2.5 miles in about 75 minutes.

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