Wood Duck Trail

Wood Duck Trail, Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge (9/4/2016)

This is the first hike of two that we did today. We returned to this beautiful refuge for the third weekend in a row to hike the two remaining trails that we didn't hike so far this year. Our repeated visits to this area started last month when I saw that my friend Daniela hiked the Timberdoodle trail, a trail that hadn't existed (as fas as I knew) back in 2009, the only time that we were here. So it was quite a coincidence when we bumped into Daniela on this trail today (first photo, next to last row)! Even more amazing is that given the hundreds and hundreds of places one can go hiking in the tri-state area, this was the second time we accidentally met on a trail in six months!

Using this map, we parked in the dirt lot south of CR 565 and headed south all the way to the Wallkill River before turning back and retracing out steps to the car. This is a beautiful trail, level, very well-maintained, with boths of marshes and fields on both sides, and with a huge amount of informative signs and benches along the way.

Total distance for this hike was 3.1 miles in about 90 minutes.

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