Wyanokie High Point

Wyanokie High Point, Norvin Green State Forest (10/12/2013)

Every time we return to Norvin Green forest we ask ourselves why we don't hike there more often. It's one of New Jersey's gems, and it's never as crowded as Harriman just north of the border. The last time we hiked here (over a year ago) we concentrated on the area of Mount Warner. There weren't any views but lovely streams and ponds. This time we returned for maximum views, on a figure-8 comprised of trails the vast majority of which we had never hiked before. We used the map on page 2 of this brochure from the NYNJTC (which is also available at the kiosk at the parking area). Our own path from today is highlighted here.

Surprising, the fall foliage wasn't anywhere near high. Last week, at Ryker Lake, we saw an amazing amount of color. Today we were just as far north today but a bit east.

Total distance hiked today was 5.7 miles in almost 4.5 hours, with lots of climbing!

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