Peter's & Mimi's Trails

Peter's & Mimi's Trails, Zega-Lockatong & Wescott Preserves (1/19/2014)

With the Wescott Trail under our belt, we headed today to the northern trailhead of Peter's Trail on Strimples Mill Road. Being a Sunday there was no chance of encountering hunters. And it wasn't snowing today like it was yesterday. Still, it was no more than about 20 F this morning, with a wind chill making it feel colder. It's a good thing, though, since a good part of the first part of Peter's Trail is very wet, as it follows the perimeters of a few hay fields, with towering piles of hay bales in at least two prominent spots, one right at the parking area. But today the entire path was rock solid frozen, which was fine with us.

Once again following this map we headed in an easterly and southerly direction along Peter's trail, first skirting the perimeters of farmland before finally entering the forest which was peppered with long stretches of beautiful stone walls, looking very picturesque with the dusting of snow from yesterday. Soon the trail looks down at Lockatong Creek and then drops to the actual creek, at one point you have to rock hop a short distance to continue on the path which then continues almost entirely along the beautiful creek, with a sturdy rock wall lining it during nearly the entire extent. Peter's trail becomes Mimi's trail at the point where Zega-Locktaong Preserve takes over. You know this only because the orange diamonds become red diamonds. The trail passes through a short field before reaching another parking area on Rosemont-Raven Rock Road, at the western end of the bridge which has currently been taken out and is being rebuilt. There is no foot or car traffic possible across the creek at this point. After checking out the bridge construction we turned and headed back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was almost 5 miles in 2.5 hours.

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