Andy's West Mountain

Andy's West Mountain, Harriman State Park (11/22/2010)

A week ago I took the day off to go hiking with my friend Andy on a hike I designed that traversed Pingyp Mountain. Today I took another Monday off and Andy and I headed back to Harriman to do a hike that he recently designed. And it was amazing, affording some of the most spectacular views in all of Harriman.

Here's a quick summary of the hike: from the southern lot at Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, head south along the bike/ski trail from the informational kiosk at the southern tip of the parking lot. Turn left on the Ramapo-Dunderberg trail (at 0.7 miles) and take this all the way to Timp Pass Road (at 2.35 miles), making a left on Timp Pass Road and then another left on the Timp-Torne trail (at 2.5 miles). Take the T-T west all the way to the AT, making a left onto the AT (at 3.65 miles) and descend back to the bike/ski trail where a right turn (at 4.4 miles) takes you back to your car. Total distance is 5 miles. (Those with a bit more time can add a 1.2-mile out-and-back to the top of the Timp by making a right on the Timp-Torne trail from Timp Pass Road.)

Amazingly, while the stretch of the R-D from above Cat's Elbow to Timp Pass Road, is one of the most scenic in the entire park, there isn't a single viewpoint star denoted on the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference map for the trails in Northern Harriman! What the? And the segment of the Timp-Torne between Timp Pass Road to the AT has only a single viewpoint star (at the West Mountain shelter) even though there are nearly constant views along this stretch as well.

Total distance hiked today was 5.3 miles in just over 4 hours with lots of climbing.

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So parking lot at Anthony Wayne

On the bike/ski trail


Creek bridge

Climbing the R-D

Crossing Beechy Bottom Road

Mountain Laurel thicket

More climbing


Narrow climb ...

... before more climbing

First view from West Mt

View west

View south

Descending ...

... to search for ...

... "Cat's Elbow"

View east

Anthony Wayne parking areas from West Mt

View south

Wider view to parking area


Heading east along West Mt peak

Another lookout ...

... to the south

View SE to Hudson

Timp Mt looms over Hudson

View south

View SW

Andy & the Timp

Continuing east to Timp



Slight ascent along side

Previously visited peak

View west

That should be blazed for a left!

Continuing descent

The glorious Timp


Hudson River

Last view before the pass

Rocks of Timp Pass Road

Moutain Laurel on Timp-Torne

Bald & Dunderberg Mts

The Timp from the T-T

Wider view of Hudson

West Mt ridge to the south

Approaching the ...

... West Mt shelter

View from shelter

Yellow trees on southern local peak

Cairn on the T-T

Heading west to the AT

View SW

Beautiful tuft of pines

View from pines

View west


AT intersection marker

Turkey vulture

Anthony Wayne parking lot

View NW from AT

AT looking north

But we headed south

View SW

Relentless rocky descent

Back to bike/ski trail

Mountain Laurel thicket

Majestic pines

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