Apshawa Preserve

Apshawa Preserve (12/15/2007)

This is the Hike of the Week for 12/7/2007 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.

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Laura at the White trail head

Dan at the trail head [Photo by Laura]

Slippery climbs!

Large rock formation on White trail

Closer view

Very old pail

Some green!


The only way down ... on your butt

I told you! [Photo by Laura]

Even saplings help


Near a high point

Photographing juniper berries

Juniper berries

Photographing the Butler Reservoir

Butler Reservoir

Reservoir dog! Scooby Doo

Surface of the reservoir

Recently-built dam

Dan at the reservoir [Photo by Laura]

Pond just east of Butler Reservoir, from Yellow trail

Laura at the pond

Small animal prints

Tiny stream crossing

Yellow trail

Northern bank of pond [Photo by Laura]


Walk bridge over blow-down?

Thirsty animal's tracks to water

Back to Butler Reservoir

The reservoir

And another view

Blow-down at intersection with Red trail

Inlet stream of the reservoir on Red trail

Crossing the stream

Stubborn beech leaves

Along western bank of reservoir

Slippery going down

The butt is the only way

West bank of the reservoir looking north

Looking south

Dan taking photos [Photo by Laura]

The blaze of the NJCF

Our lunch spot

Icy climb back to trail

Private resident's boat

Interesting rock in the reservoir

Behind the dam

Another view

On the Green trail

Huge vine [Photo by Laura]

Slippery climb on Green trail to White trail

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