West Baldpate Mountain

West Baldpate Mountain (9/4/2010)

This is the first time we visited the Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain. It's a preserve with a barbell-like network of trails: there's a western network of trails connected to an eastern network of trails via the straight white-blazed Ridge trail. Today we hiked in the western section, parking on Fiddlers Creek Road (nearest River Road/Route 29). We took the blue-blazed Summit Trail north to the Ridge Trail, making a left onto that trail and taking it west to the red-blazed NW Loop trail. We took that that trail to is end at the Ridge Trail where we made a left. Here we saw the remains of a farm with plenty of dilapidated structures, and a lovely little pond. We continued east along the Ridge until we decided to turn back, first visiting more remaining structures near where "Drive" (on the map) crosses the Summit trail.

Total distance hiked today was 6.3 miles in approximately 3 hours.

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Interesting surface of parking lot

Summit Trail

Rocky stretch

Meadow on the ridge

View to Pennsylvania


The Ridge trail



Survey marker

Delaware River

Delaware River


Huge tree on Ridge trail

On the NW Loop trail


No Outlet indeed!

NW Loop trail

Bumble bee

Black vultures on barn

Abandoned building

Abandoned house

Vultures on the roof

Black vultures

Abandoned barn


Farm pond

Well near pond



Wrought iron gate

Trees on Ridge trail

Narrow trail in lower left


Power lines to abandoned farm

View towards PA

Our lunch spot on the ridge

Abandoned bath tub

Another abandoned house

Road to visitor's center


Ted Stiles plaque


View towards PA


Private residence?

Visitor's Center


Pennsylvania in distance

Gorgeous tree trunks


Back on Summit trail

[Photo by Laura]

Giant mushrooms

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