Buttermilk Falls Park

Buttermilk Falls Park (4/18/2009)

This is the Hike of the Week for 10/22/2004 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website with one change: instead of following that hike exactly as described (1.2 miles in 1 hour), we expanded the circuit hike to include the entire Orange trail and then a return to the car along the White trail. Total distance was about 2.3 miles in just over 90 minutes.

A nice map of the park can be found here.

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At the Blue trail head

Nice climb

Approaching Buttermilk Falls

The falls below

Near the falls

Laura at the top of the cliff

Dan in the falls [photo by Laura]


Upper falls from up close


View west from Blue trail

[Photo by Laura]


View from first look-out


[Photo by Laura]

Red-tailed hawk

Defunct drive-in in distance

Near the second look-out

View from second look-out

Blooming willows below

View west

Forsythias on Orange trail

Orange trail creek crossing

Crossing Schuyler Road

Right through a back yard


Skunk cabbage

[Photo by Laura]

Beautiful pines ...

... on the White trail


Swamp off White trail

More skunk cabbage

Saplings of White trail


Bridge just after Schuyler Road crossing

Abandoned structure

Looking inside

Last leg is steep woods road

Steps at end

Boardwalk at end [Photo by Laura]

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