Bonticou Crag & Table Rocks

Bonticou Crag & Table Rocks, Mohonk Preserve (8/23/2006)

This hike is a combination of Shawangunk hikes #5 ("Table Rocks") and #6 ("Bonticou Crag") from the book Take a Hike: New York City (1st edition). The Bonticou Crag hike is also the Hike of the Week for 5/1/2003 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.
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Albert K. Smiley Memorial Tower on Sky Top

Crag trail

Foot of Bonticou Crag

Starting the brutal ascent

Very difficult rock scramble

View south


Downy woodpecker


View east from Bonticou ridge

Pitch pines on the ridge


View north from the crag

Walking south to crag's edge

Catskills on horizon


Southern tip of Bonticou Crag


Fallen rock slabs


Low-flying turkey vulture

Crag scrambling


Open field on Table Rocks trail

View north from Table Rocks

Time for lunch

Rondout Valley & Catskills from Table Rocks


Uh-oh. Where's Laura?

Crevices 105' deep

Cold air between the rocks

Beetles courting

Pear tree on Table Rocks trail

Monarch butterfly

Japanese beetle

Open field on Spring Farm trail

"Million $ View" of Catskills

Ceiling of Slingerland Pavillion

Catskills from Slingerland Pavillion

Huge weeping willow at Spring Farm


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