Boy Scout Lake

Boy Scout Lake, Norvin Green State Forest (11/9/2013)

The leaves are off the trees! Wow what a difference a week makes. Last week at the Palisades we hiked just about the prettiest fall foliage hike we ever hiked in New Jersey. Today we returned to Norvin Green for the third time in five weeks to find about 99% of the leaves on the ground. The only remaining color was on the stubborn beech trees. Even the Foliage Network published their final foliage report today.

Once again we used the map on page 2 of this brochure from the NYNJTC, this time starting across from Boy Scout Lake on Snake Den Road. Today's hike is a variation of the Hike of the Week for 1/29/2013 with much more, doubling the length of that hike. Our path is highlighted on this map fragment.

Total distance hiked today was just over 5 miles in almost 3.5 hours.

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