Butler Road Natural Area

Butler Road Natural Area, Franklin Township, NJ (1/21/2013)

Today was Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. Laura had the day off, so of course I took off to go hiking with her! And we returned to the area of Ten Mile Run (from just two days ago) for a short hike in more Franklin Township Land. Using this map we started at the small parking lot on Butler Road and covered every trail in the area, first heading north on Purple, doing the northern loop in the clockwise direction, then heading south on Red which had a few large blow-downs which were, nonetheless passable, and finally Yellow which also had a few blow-downs mostly at the beginning (if you are taking it in the clockwise direction). It's a nice, relatively small, area which allows hunting (though we didn't see or hear any today). It seems somewhat unused because the trails are still littered with small branches and evidence of Hurricane Sandy, and many of the trees with blazes have been blown down, so following the trails is a bit tricky at times. But the terrain is varied and interesting.

Total distance hiked today was about 4 miles in 2.5 hours.

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Kiosk at Butler Road


Purple vines on Purple trail

Ten Mile Run

Crossing on rocks

Poison ivy "shawl"

Ten Mile Run


Wild berries

Lovely stretch ...

... in dense evergreens

Tiny stream


Blow-down hopping

Lots of evergreens in patches

Striking red vines

Blow-down crawling

[Photo by Laura]


Back south on Purple

Frozen critter tracks

Through the cedars

Large shagbark hickory


Ten Mile Run

[Photo by Laura]

Now on Red

Bat house

[Photo by Laura]

Hunter's seat

Ten Mile Run

Rock hopping Ten Mile Run

Luckily it was low tide

Ten Mile Run

View south

Blaze and mushrooms

Red crosses Butler Road


Clearly an old drive-way

Ruins south ...

... Butler Road

Close-up of red vine

Blow-downs on Red


Butler Road

Blow-down on Yellow


Ten Mile Run from Yellow

Evergreen forest


View from under a blow-down

Ten Mile Run


Adjacent golf course

[Photo by Laura]

Ten Mile Run crossing on Yellow

Ten Mile Run

Golf course bunker

Huge blow-down ...

... on Yellow


Ten Mile Run at Butler Road

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