Chipmunk Mountain

Chipmunk Mountain, Harriman State Park (4/18/2013)

The last time I hiked in Harriman was in May of last year. So today was the first time back since Hurricane Sandy. My friend Andy and I were surprised to see very little evidence of any damage from the hurricane on the trails we took today, mostly on and around Chipmunk Mountain. There were a couple of places where we could see that fallen trees had been chain-sawed and cleared off to the side of the trail, but for the most part what we hiked today was unscathed by Sandy. It's no wonder the park has been open since the hurricane.

When we arrived before 10 AM, the parking lot at Reeves Visitor's Center was already filled and by the time we started hiking, the overflow lot was also filled. We first headed east on the Pine Meadow trail high above Pine Meadow Brook which we could hear but not see, then SW on Seven Hills trail climbing Chimpunk Mountain. The views along the way were impressive and constant once we reached the ridge. The trail then continued with one of the steepest descents in the entire park. At the bottom we headed south on Reeves Brook trail then east on Raccoon Brook Hills, with a climb at the beginning. Crossing over the Pulpit, we continued north on the Hillburn-Torne-Sebago trail with views almost as impressive as those along the Seven Hills and yet not a single vista star is indicated on the last NYNJTC Southern Harriman Trail Map #118. Back to the Pine Meadow trail we headed west back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was 6 miles in about 4 hours.

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Reeves Visitor's Center

Path from overflow parking ...

... to Pine Meadow trail

Rocky trail ...

... parallels Stony Brook


Gasline cut view north

Pine Meadow ...

... climbs

Mountain Laurel

Subtle rainbow of colors

Climbing Chipmunk Mountain

... on Seven Hills trail

View from near peak

View north

Dormant blueberry bushes


At the peak

View from the peak


Views west ...

... from ridge



Wild grass


Another view west

Zoom to Sloatsburg

Hills or Harriman


Gasline cut


Like a Jackson Pollack

Blaze of Seven Hills trail


View south

Hikers climbing

Spring buds

The very steep ...

... descent from Chipmunk

Looking back ...

... up the trail!

Climbing on Raccoon Brook

Views from ...

... Raccoon Brook Hills trail


Above the Pulpit

View to power substation

View to Mt. Fuji restaurant


Mountain Laurel

Intersection with H-T-S

View of the Pulpit

Mountain Laurel Andy

Dense saplings

Striking rocks and ...

... cairn in gasline cut

On the H-T-S

Blueberries about to bloom

Glacial erratic

Glacial errata on H-T-S

Wild grass

Open views ...

... along ridge on ...

... H-T-S trail

Minimal Sandy damage cleared

More Mountain Laurel

Chipmunk not on Chipmunk Mountain

Back to Stony Brook

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