Eastern Schunemunk

Eastern Schunemunk Mountain (4/19/2008)

This was the fourth hike in a row for us on Schunemunk. First it was from the north, then it was from the south, then from the west, and this time from the east. We started at the eastern terminus of the Jessup trail on Taylor Road, headed across an open field paralleling the New York Thruway, crossed the railroad tracks and started climbing the mountain with Baby Brook on our side. Once on the puddingstone ridge we continued on the Jessup, heading south and eventually made a left on the black-blazed Dark Hollow trail (this turn is easy to miss!), where we had lunch with an eastern view, before descending sharply back to the railroad tracks. Turning left on the red-blazed Otterkill trail and then (after crossing a brook) we immediately turned right on the white-blazed Sweet Clover trail, crossed the railroad tracks again, and took the trail all the way back to Taylor Road.

The circuit hike was about 6 to 6.5 miles in length and offered amazing views to the north, east and west throughout.

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Ascending to an open field on the Jessup trail

Schuneumunk awaits in the background

NY Thruway and peaks of Harriman

View east from boardwalk over brook

Archway under the railroad tracks

Lots of saplings on the Jessup

NY Metro train passed the moment we reached the tracks

Red warning lights still lit


Military helicopter from West Point

Yoga on bridge over Baby Brook

View of eastern ridge from Jessup ascent

A very rock Jessup portion

Steady ascent on Jessup

Beautiful waterfall near the ridge

The famous puddingstone conglomerate

View NE to the Hudson from Jessup

The photographer ascending [Photo by Laura]

We ate lunch here on March 29



Love that puddingstone!


Another view of the Hudson

View north from Jessup


Stunted pine on the ridge

View NW from ridge

First bumble bee of the season

View east from Jessup

A levitating dandasana [Photo by Laura]

Lots of ups and downs at parts

Cairns mark the way

Striking glacial erratic

Stunted pine and stunted adult [Photo by Laura]

What's the point, Mirk?

View of hills SE

Turkey vulture

Mountain laurel thicket

View of Hudson


Terminus of Dark Hollow trail

Curious Laura

Very curious Laura

Our lunch spot

Steady constant descent

Two startled wild turkeys

Hudson from wonderful viewpoint

NY Thruway below


View south from Dark Hollow trail

Split rock shenanigans


Trucks on NY Thruway


Ardha padmasana [Photo by Laura]


Another beautiful waterfall

[Photo by Laura]

Railroad vrksasana [Photo by Laura]

Boundary walls on Sweet Clover trail

Huge fallen tree with Schunnie in back

The undulating ridge of Schunnie

View east to Harriman

Mansion east of NY Thruway

Schunnie looms on horizon

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