Double D Peak

Double D Peak, Farny State Park (6/25/2011)

A month ago we did a 6-mile hike north of Splitrock Reservoir, never once coming close enough to see it. In the past we have hiked along its western bank, as well as to its south (in Wildcat Ridge WMA, in addition to Farny State Park). Today we headed for its eastern bank for the first time. I had seen sporadic reports of horrendous blazing on the blue-blazed Splitrock Loop trail so we proceeded with caution. We were pleasantly surprised, though, to discover that the blazing was terrific for the entire extent of our journey today.

We parked at the lot on Splitrock Road, just east of the dam, and walked along an unblazed path east until we couldn't go any further, at which point we bailed onto Splitrock Road and continued east. After passing under the powerline for the second time, we saw the blue blazes heading north into the woods (about 0.3 miles from the parking lot). We took this trail NE to the vista labeled "Double D Peak" on the NYNJTC Trail Map #125 - Jersey Highlands, Central North Region. We followed the 0.1-mile spur descending and then climbing steeply east by following blue ribbons tied to vegetation. At the top, there were views in nearly all directions, mostly of trees. At one point I noticed blue ribbons tied deeper into the overgrown vegetation and tried to find a way to get to them but I would have needed a machete! So I can't be sure we actually got to see all the views (the map indicates two vistas). Perhaps we'll return in the winter when the leaves are off the trees.

Back on Blue (Splitrock Loop trail) we continued north until we found a partial view over the reservoir where we had lunch (denoted by another "star" on the map). We then backtracked to an unmarked trail heading west where we found Charlottesburg Road, which was closed to traffic today and filled with pond-sized puddles of water populated by tadpoles, frogs, and everything in-between! The views of the reservoir from the road were very nice in spots. We took this road all the way back to Splitrock Road and then the car, making it a Figure-8.

Total distance hiked today was 6.7 miles in 4.5 hours.

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Reservoir kiosk

Splitrock Reservoir from near parking lot

View NE


View of eastern side

A lone kayaker

Splitrock Road looking east


Giant rocks on Blue

Smooth tree bark

Tiny trail mushroom

More mushrooms

A rocky blue trail in parts

Sun popping out

Fishermen in reservoir

View north to island in reservoir

Laura looking north

Fire ring

It was raining a bit

Very old growth

Interesting glacial errata

Gorgeous mushroom



Rocky ascent

Glacial erratic

Two errata

They look like bugles

What was that?

Ribbons to Double D Peak

Carins lead part of the way

View SE from Double D Peak

[Photo by Laura]

Laura at the view

View east

View west

View west


Interesting plants

More large ...

... boulders on Blue


Hawk feathers?

Lovely mushrooms

Beautiful ferns

Laura approaching swampy area

Huge rock formations


Partial view ...

... of Splitrock Reservoir


View west of reservoir

Ponds on Charlottesburg Road


Fishermen ...

... in the reservoir

Charlottesburg Road

View south

[Photo by Laura]

Laura at reservoir

A wet Charlottesburg road looking south

Looking back north

Reservoir island across

Water inlet between island and road

View south

Continuing on Charlottesburg Road

Two "almost"-frogs in puddle

This guy is almost a frog!

Traffic hasn't passed here lately

Road gets really rocky

Ferns with Laura in back

Gate closed

Private road branches off

Another private road

Charlottesburg road heading west now

Very wet

Back to powerline cut ...

... on Splitrock Road

Laura enjoying ...

... raspberries

Bees & moth enjoying ...

... pollen

Iris off road

View of reservoir from road

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