Fairview Lake

Fairview Lake, Delaware Water Gap (3/22/2008)

This 7-mile out-and-back is along a beautiful stretch of the Appalachian Trail. We started where the AT crosses Route 602 (Millbrook-Blairstown Road), taking it northeast for about 3.5 miles, had lunch on a unmarked spur trail overlooking the beautiful Fairview Lake, before heading back.

A good part of the AT on this stretch is along an old woods road that served as access to a large number of houses that were occupied here several decades ago. Those houses belonged to folks who were forced out by the government during the 1970s fiasco regarding the damming of the Delaware river at Tocks Island. To read a fascinating account of the aborted dam project, check out this 11-part series that appeared in The Pocono Record in 2001.

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AT sign at the start

Lake which is on no map!

Beaver lodge right in the middle

Another view of the lodge


Short, but steep climb to powerline cut

View west from powerline cut

View east from powerline cut


Spectacular view east

Sand Pond below

Dan obstructing the view [photo by Laura]

Catfish Lookout tower

View SW

Heading NE

Remains of campfire

View east from AT

Laura likes her new hat

NJ farmlands

AT becomes old woods road

Another hiker

Rock marked '55' at old homestead spot

Old homestead spot

Fairview Lake below

Fairview Lake

NJ farms east

Fairview Lake

Our friend Scooter


Boathouse on Fairview Lake

Beautiful rockface off trail

Fairview Lake from spur trail


[photo by Laura]

Gorgeous geology

Our lunch spot

What a view!

83-year old hiker (Scooter's owner)

Back to the powerline cut


Exposed cable on trail


Back to the beaver lake

Why isn't this on any map?

Non-standard AT blaze!

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