Fishkill Ridge

Fishkill Ridge (8/18/2006)

This is East Hudson hike #10 ("Fishkill Ridge") from the book Take a Hike: New York City (1st edition).
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Overlook trailhead

View of Beacon

Newburgh Beacon Bridge

Barge on the Hudson

Overlook trail


Abandoned boundary walls

Tiny toad

Hudson looking south

DAR Monument on North Beacon Mountain

View from atop Lambs Hill

View northwest

Blueberry bushes

Another tiny toad

At Dozer Junction

Lake Valhalla, Hudson in rear

Hudson, with West Point on right

Lake Valhalla

Looking south


View southeast


Quarry east of Bald Hill

View east from Fishkill Ridge

Working the quarry


Large yellow X on the ridge

X marks the spot for lunch


View south from the ridge

Trailer park east of the ridge

Fishkill Ridge trail

View south from Bald Hill

Bald Hill geodetic survey reference


On lower Fishkill Ridge trail

Wilkinson Memorial trail at Hell Hollow

View east from Hell Hollow

Back at Dozer Junction

The 'dozer of Dozer Junction

Female field cricket with long ovipositor

View of Dennings Point

Mt. Beacon fire tower


Newburgh Beacon Bridge

View of Beacon, NY

Back on Overlook trail

Praying mantis


Path to Malouf's Mountain Camping

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