Frenchtown Preserve

Frenchtown Preserve (11/27/2016)

This was the third of three areas we visited today in Central New Jersey, all within a 5 or 6 minute car ride from each other. This was by far the best! Unlike the previous hike, where we couldn't find the trail indicated on the map, here we kept finding new trails that weren't indicated on the map. We hiked plenty of trails and could have hiked more!

Using the map on the second page of this brochure, we parked in the lot on Horsehoe Bend Road and headed into the woods on the trail labelled "Proposed Trail". It's no longer proposed, but an actual trail. We planned on hiking every trail on the map, but ended up doing much more. Instead of trying to describe what we did, you can see our track here. Compare this track to the preserve map and you will see the abundance of new trails. And there were more that we didn't have time to do!

Total distance hiked was 4.3 miles in two hours.

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