Hawk Rise Sanctuary

Hawk Rise Sanctuary (6/10/2012)

Just last weekend, my friend Daniela blogged about this brand new sanctuary in central New Jersey that opened less than two weeks ago. Being so new, there are about as many proposed trails as there are actual trails. But since the weather was so beautiful today, and the sanctuary less than 40 minutes away, we decided to check it out. The astoudning thing is that it's right next to an operational landfill! In fact, during a good part of this jaunt, you're walking along one side of the landfill's permimeter, but you'd never know it!

Following Daniela's hike description on the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference website posted here, we spent just over an hour doing about 1.3 miles. There weren't many birds out there today but I did manage to get at least one nice shot of a female red-winged blackbird having lunch. Poor green caterpillar!

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Parking area


Heading to the ...

... spacious sturdy boardwalk

View to the landfill

Vegetation through the boardwalk

Turtles and frogs were away today

One of many informative signs


Majestic trees

Path winds through woods

Ostrich fern

Tanks adajecent to landfill

There was no path here

Many trees marked with letters


Sweet gum balls on path

Gorgeous vegetation

Heading to the landfill

That way to the landfill

But the path goes to the right


A stealthy red-winged blackbird


Rahway tower

Fence separtes path from landfill

View to the landfill


Boat on the water

Laura at lookout

Helicopter heading right at me!

Song Sparrow

Closer view of Song Sparrow

[Photo by Laura]

Red-winged blackbird

Devil bird

Female red-winged blackbird having lunch


Landfill through trees

Swallowtail butterfly

Animal shelter across Range Road

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