Hedden County Park

Hedden County Park (3/14/2009)

This is the Hike of the Week for 2/10/2006 as described on the NY-NJ Trail Conference website.

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Near Jackson Brook trail head

Tree hugger

Christmas tree

[Photo by Laura]

Jackson Brook

Rock lover


Bridge on Indian Falls Road

Trail continues across street

On Hedden Circular trail

Private bridge over Jackson Brook

Ruins near ...

... Indian Falls trail ...

... overlooking ...

... Jackson Brook

[Photo by Laura]


On the rugged Indian Falls trail


At Indian Falls


[Photo by Laura]


Jackson Brook leading to the pond

Canadian geese

Budding pussy willows

Walkway to trails

Connector trail head

Steady ascent on Hedden Circular


Stone circle

Stone circle

Very rocky path

Mossy stream crossing

Very old tree

A break after a long climb


Park wall ahead

Wall with baseball field beyond

Obstructed view north

Baseball field

Back to Jackson Brook trail

Five trees in one

Downy woodpeckers ...

Nice red head

Jackson Brook

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