Highlands Trail, south of Route 23

Highlands Trail, south of Route 23 (9/29/2007)
This out-and-back was entirely on the Highlands Trail. Starting at Route 23 and Canistear Road, we hiked in a southwesterly direction just short of reaching Holland Mountain Road before turning back.
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Laura's shirt matches the blaze color

Boundary wall

Boundary wall

Another boundary wall

Partial view of Oak Ridge Reservoir


Oak Ridge Reservoir

Early fall foliage

Fragment of hornet's nest

Woods road

Red eft

Close up


Tiny mushroom blooms

Beautiful pine forest

Towering pines

Looking up a pine

Leaves are beginning to change

Our lunch spot

Oak Ridge Reservoir

Tangled mess

Close-up of nailed blaze

Lots of leaves have fallen

Stream under Route 23

The photographer photographed!

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