Holland Highlands

Holland Highlands (10/29/2016)

With northern New Jersey at or past peak foliage, we decided to head to central western New Jersey today, even though we knew after a couple of very rainy and windy days, most of the leaves were already on the ground. And yeah, they were. But we still managed to see some nice colors visiting this area for the first time.

Using the map on page 2 of this brochure, we parked in the eastern parking lot on Shire Road (there is actually another parking area to the west where the map shows a kiosk but doesn't specify a P for parking), and followed a route so complicated it would be impossible to describe. Suffice it to say that we covered the vast majority of trails in the area (some twice). The brochure says that there are 8 miles here but that can't possibly be true. I would estimate 5 miles. And certain trails (like the Blue, Orange and Red) have JORBA fingerprints all over them, as they twist in an exaggerated serpentine manner. You can see our path by clicking here.

Total distance hiked was 5.7 miles in just under 3 hours.

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